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Welcome fellow Travellers

I hope I can offer you some wisdom on my page about me, and how I do things but ultimately, being able to listen and ask questions is far more empowering after having made the decision to pick up the phone and ask for help. 

My Path


I began my journey of self-realisation some 30 years ago while travelling through Asia and South America.  I put a lid on figuring out my truth when I returned from travelling but was forced to return to the process of self-inquiry after a crisis in my life - it was during this time I embarked on a meditation practice, and began the inward journey once more.


I learned about the human condition through Neuro Linguistic Programming and how, through a series of techniques we can easily decondition and repattern our mind to think differently, change our state at will and create a life of abundance!  I couldn't get enough!  I went from NLP Practitioner to Master Practitioner to NLP Trainer being trained by some of the best NLP Master Trainers in the world. On realising the magic of these techniques I wanted to practice with integrity so embarked on a deeper wisdom of working with individuals - Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy where I learned how to work with people from a place of integrity and authenticity. 

Over the past decade I have been called to work more with individuals who have suffered significant losses; lack purpose and meaning in their lives; and those ready to shift into a higher level of being - one of connection, faith and love.

The Work


Choosing a therapist, in whatever field you choose, should not be taken lightly. It is important you connect with a therapist, ask them questions about their qualifications and their experience.  It is important whoever you are working with has done the work too.  Clients can bring up unresolved issues in therapists and if the therapist has not done the work then they will not be able to clearly guide you.

I have spent two decades studying and exploring the human condition.  I have applied all I have learned to myself so I could experience all the many ways to heal and share from an authentic place. Along the way I learned so many important lessons, healed so much trauma and become a vessel for love, guidance & service. 


The journey to self-realisation is a life-long journey - I am and always will be a student of this life.

You will find all the ways I have found peace through what I offer and my qualifications on my Services page.

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do" Rumi

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